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Chinook is your local Calgary landscaper. Chinook Landscaping and design is a full-service design and build company with many years of experience. We provide services for all phases of landscape design, construction, and installation. We are dedicated to meeting the growing needs of the Calgary community through efficient and cost-effective methods.  Our complete landscape installations include paving stone walkways and patios, stone garden bed retainers, sod, and trees and shrubs. Since 2005, we have been creating beautiful, affordable landscapes for our Calgary customers. Our years of experience and our specialized customer service sets us apart in the industry. We pride ourselves in providing quality landscaping to our customers in Calgary.

Built on Trust- We don't ask for deposits or progress payments!
The relationships we build with our clients are built on trust.  We are one of the few landscape construction companies in Calgary who doesn't request any deposits or progress payments for our landscaping installations.  The only payment you make is upon completion of the project.  Chinook Landscaping has received many awards because of our dedication to customer service.  We do whatever we can to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Our landscaping services in Calgary include:

Landscape design
Our landscape design services include full, to scale, professional landscape designs.  Our professional landscape designers are the best in the business and will make sure to transform your vision into a beautiful easy to read design.

Paving stones/interlocking brick patios, walkways
Paving stone patios and walkways are our specialty.  We can install traditional pavers or modern paving stones.  There are many varieties to choose from.

Natural flagstone paths and patios.
From rundle stone pathways and patios to Autumn flame stone. We are specialists in the installation of natural stone landscaping.

Trees and shrubs
Choose from large caliper basketed trees, potted trees and a variety of shrubs.  We can help you decide on hardy shrubs that can survive and flourish in Calgary's climate.

Outdoor Kitchens.
Add a touch of class and coziness to your landscaping by having us install an outdoor kitchen for you.

Retaining wall and stone garden bed retainers
Retaining wall and stone garden bed options include natural or precast stone and they come in a vast array of colors and styles.

Mowing Pavers
Define your garden bed borders with mowing pavers made from long-lasting precast material.  Mow your lawn easily without the hassle of trimming.

Concrete Curbing
Concrete curbing is another great option for defining the borders in your yard.  We can stamp your curbing with a variety of custom stamps.  Concrete curbing also comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Fences and decks.
Landscaping rarely goes without the need for a fence and we build them strong and sturdy!  Cedar, pressure treated, or vinyl, we do it all!  Our custom decks can be built with composite, cedar, meranti hardwood or pressure treated.

Water Features
Basalt bubbler water features or custom built pondless waterfalls.  Remotely controlled water features add convenience and will impress your friends!

Kentucky Bluegrass sod
We install the finest Kentucky Bluegrass sod for our clients.  A thick rootball is the key to healthy sod and we make sure to grade and level your property before installing sod.



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Our Services

  • Patios and Walkways

    Patios and Walkways define your landscaping, add curb appeal and interest.  Choose from paving stones, natural flagstone, exposed aggregate, stamped or broomed concrete. Ask us ab

  • Garden bed edging options

    There are many great choices when it comes to garden bed edging options.  From stone mow pavers to raised natural or precast garden walls.  Defining the borders is the key to a great looking landscaping and garden bed edging does exactly that

  • Fences and decks, pergolas and privacy screens

    Our natural woodwork options include Cedar pressure treated or meranti hardwood.  Or choose composite for your deck and Vinyl for your fence material. We can build and design any pergola or privacy screen you can imagine.

  • Retaining walls

    Retaining wall material and the quality of the installation is very important.  Retaining walls can be built from precast material, natural stacked stone or natural boulders.  We specialize in building strong and lasting retaining walls.

  • Tree and shrub plantings

    With years of landscaping Calgary experience we know the local climate very well. We can suggest prairie hard trees, shrubs and perennials for your back or front yard garden beds.

  • Landscape Features

    We have many options including outdoor kitchens, linear and traditional firepits, customer fireplaces,  water features including pondless waterfalls, natural stone waterfalls, vegetable garden planters, benches, storage compartments, address signs

  • Underground Sprinklers

    Many of our clients choose underground sprinklers for their convenience.  Underground sprinklers improve the look of plantings and lawn areas because they water in a consistent manner.  

Why Choose Us

  • Caring staff, Superior workmanship.

    Many of our key employees have been with our company for several years.  Our foreman are all professionally trained and very approachable.  They work with you to create perfect landscape  We love to landscape and it shows!

  • One call for all your landscaping needs

    You don't have to look anywhere else to get all you need for your landscaping project. We do it all and can help you with all facets of your landscaping, from planning to implementation.

  • No deposits or progress payments

    We are one of the few landscaping companies in Calgary who won't ask your for a deposit or progress payment.  If fact, you won't be asked for any payment until the job is completed and you are 100% satisfied with the work

  • Local Knowledge and experience.

    You learn a lot in 10 years!  We know the local climate and local soil conditions.  As well, we know how to build lasting landscapes that can withstand Calgary's ever changing climate

  • Multi Award winning customer service

    Chinook landscaping and design is the most awarded landscaping company in Calgary.  We were awarded the Calgary Herald Readers Choice award and the Consumer Choice award in 2017 as well as several Ethics and customer service awards from the Better Business Bureau Our customers come first and we do whatever we can to make sure you are extactic about your landscape.

  • COR Safety Certified

    We are one of the few landscaping Calgary companies with COR certification. Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who develop health and safety programs that meet established standards.  Our customers can relax knowing we employ the best safety standards.








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How late in the season can trees, shrubs and sod be installed?

We plant trees and shrubs and lay sod right up until Halloween and beyond in many cases.  Trees and shrubs go dormant in fall so it is an ideal time to plant them withouth the risk of them going into shock.  We warranty all of our tree and shrub plantings as well as our sod installations so if there is any die out or winter kill rest assured, your plantings will be replaced in spring.


This is one of the most common questions we receive from our customers.  To start with, we create low maintenance landscapes by recommmending drought tolerant trees and shrubs for your gardens.  These trees and shrubs will require far less watering throughout the growing season. We do not recommend perennials for low maintainence garden beds as they require thinning out and cutting back each season as they tend to spread throughout your garden area.  Planting less shrubs and adding more features like ornamental boulders greatly reduces the maintainence.  We also recommend a heavy weed barrier and stone or wood mulch to keep the weeds down.


About two thirds of the landscape projects we create are installed without a landscaping design.  Some homeowners prefer to see a full, to scale, landscape design to help them visualize their projects. The more elaborate your landscape project is the more helpful a landscape design will be to you and your landscaper.   Landscape designs are recommend for those who would like to install their projects themselves.   

What is a better walkway choice? Paving stone or concrete?

We get this question alot from our landscaping clients.  Paving stones offer more options when it comes to colors and styles.  Paving stones will rarely crack and if they do, they can easliy be replaced.  Concrete offers 3 options.  Stamped concrete, exposed agregate, broomed concrete.  Concrete can crack and is difficult and costly to repair if it does.  Both paving stones and concrete can look great when installed as a walkway or patio.  Paving stones cost more than concrete but they typically last much longer and are easier to repair.


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