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Low maintenance landscaping for Calgary Homeowners

For homeowner, brooding over what to do with your front and back yard can raise a dilemma dimly piecing together one idea after another and consequently crafting a landscape that is demanding in terms of watering, mowing, raking, pruning and fertilizing after few seasons. Hence, making what was earlier anticipated as affordable and time costly ending up requiring high maintenance. To avoid such situation, homeowners are adviced to plan low maintenance landscaping ahead of time and of course seek professional opinion from landscape designers in Calgary with the idea of minimizing maintenance.

There are also tips and trick to ease your yard chores and save you some time from making a lot of changes to a once beautiful landscape. Here are some of them:

Pick annual plants and flowers

This is one ingenious way to save a ton of your time and still have that attractive look. Unlike perennial plants that die after one season, annual plants live yearlong while reproducing. They don’t require a lot of attention from yard owners too, making them the best kind of plants and flowers to nurture with low maintenance.

All you need to do is pick those annual flowers, plant them in garden beds and provide shade or sunlight accordingly.

Also, there is a variety of annual flowers that can produce striking cluster of colorful flowers all through summer. There are a number of native annual and perennial plants and flowersto choose from that grow well in Calgary.


This is another underrated culture that will save you a lot of time especially where watering is much required, for example in summer seasons in Calgary. It usually involves applying a layer of material (like grass clippings) on the surface of soil thus conserving soil moisture needed by your plants and flowers.

Watering will be reduced through this fashion and your plants will enjoy a well fertile and healthy soil in the long run. Moreover, mulching will reduce weed prevalence and augment the aesthetic of your garden or lawn.

Prune your shrubs

Just like shaggy hair that may start looking likable but in real sense they are pathetically shaggy, with time old shrubs in your compound would grow to become overgrown and disheveled leaving an unattractive scene on your yard.

To best handle this, while still minimizing your maintenance, try pruning them. Don’t be afraid to trim them as much as you can. This will eventually rejuvenate their growth to look very new with fresh leaves. In Calgary, many homeowners prune their shrubs in fall or spring and there are many varieties of bushesand flowery shrubsyou can grow at your own backyard that would need little to no clipping.

Try water irrigation systems

This may seem exorbitant at first and time costly when you consider installation but in real sense it’s not. In fact, it is as cheap as purchasing PVC pipes and piercing small holes along their lengths. An inventive DIY you can try! And once you figure out where to place them in your garden, you are just turning-your-faucet away from watering your compound without lifting an inch.

When temperatures rise in Calgary, you won’t need to worry about lawn or garden looking dry because your nifty water irrigation system will have you covered.


Following these tips will make you enjoy working outdoors especially when you pick the plant and materials you like. Embrace nature even with the few time you have on your hands employing these low maintenance landscaping ideas in Calgary.