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Landscape lighting can totally transform your front and back yards. Not only does landscape lighting make for a beautiful spectacle at night but it also makes your property safer to walk during the evening. Landscape lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of landscaping. Even though it is relatively inexpensive to install, many people neglect to do or it and if they do, they often don’t install incorrectly.



Low voltage landscape lighting is better than solar for many reasons. Firstly, solar lights are nowhere as bright and they can wear out quickly so you never really have a reliable light source. Obviously, if you are navigating dark pathways at night you want to have a consistent light source that you can rely on to be working when you get home or leave your house at night. Solar lights can easily be stolen or knocked out of the ground because they are not attached to anything. Although the cost of low voltage lighting is more you will find that you spend less in the long run because you won’t constantly be replacing your lights at you would with solar lights. You cannot wire solar lights into your patios or stonework like you can with low voltage lighting. Low voltage lighting is great for lighting those unique areas. We place the lights right in the patio or as a lighted brick inside your retaining wall.



As the name implies, low voltage lighting uses less power than conventional lights and the costs are far less. So low in fact, you may not even notice it on your utility bill. You have the ability to adjust your lighting timers so the lights are active for less time during the evening.



We would love to light up your landscape. As part of our landscaping services, we provide low voltage landscape lighting services to our clients. We can give you a layout to show you exactly where we will be placing your landscape lights and of course we will listen to you for input as to what areas of your property you would like to have your landscape lights placed. IF we are installing other landscaping at your home then we will pay special attention to creating landscaping that works great with landscape lighting. We will focus on strategic placement of shrubs, ornamental trees, and landscape features such as benches, patios, and stone garden beds.

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