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We are often asked about a shrub that will create a good hedge or privacy screen for Calgary yards. Hedges are a great way to create a natural fence without the expense of wood, chain, or vinyl fences.



The most common hedge we see in Calgary is cotoneaster. This hardy shrub grows very well in cooler climates and winters well in Calgary. In fall you will see this hedge turn to an orange or reddish color. The cotoneaster has small white/pink flowers in spring and berries in fall. It grows to a height of around 8′ and needs to be trimmed to keep it at manageable heights of 5 ‘ or less. The cotoneaster can be planted tightly together to create an excellent natural fence for your yard. As well, you can choose to plant the cotoneaster with spaces in between and create very attractive globe shrubs or other shapes. This is a superb specimen for shaping.



The American high bush cranberry is becoming more and more popular in Calgary. We recommend this shrub to many of our clients. The high bush cranberry (Viburnum trilobum) is native to Alberta and a very attractive ornamental shrub. It does produce fruit for tasty jellies but the abundance of seeds does not make for a good jamberry. The high bush cranberry likes moist soil and direct sunlight. You will see the high bush cranberry at most of your local nurseries in Calgary. This shrub does not do well when shaped so we would recommend using it for a natural looking hedge that you can trim occasionally.


Alpine Current

Alpine currents are an excellent choice for a thick lush looking hedge.  Alpine currents are very hardy for Calgary’s climates and do well wether growing on their own or in hedge form.  Alpine currents have a glossy sheen to their leaves so they make a very attractive hedge.

Other hedge plants

Other hedge plants are western sand cherry, potentilla, and lilacs. All of these plant varieties can be used as screens or hedges but should not be shaped and only trimmed occasionally. Lilac varieties like Miss Kim or dwarf Korean will give you a beautiful blossoming hedge with a lovely perfume to welcome your guests or passersby. Potentilla comes in many different varieties and blossoms in all sorts of colors including yellow, orange, mango, pink, and white. To learn more about different shrubs that grow well in Calgary’s climate and some great hedge options, click here shrubs Calgary to view our shrub photos.

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