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Creating a landscape that is inexpensive and requires little watering or maintenance is not that complicated. You can remove the sod on your property and replace it with shrubs and perennials that are native to Alberta which means your plants will be hardy, require little water, and will survive Calgary’s unpredictable weather. Adding different types of mulches such as cedar or bark mulch can help keep the moisture in and the weeds down in your gardens. Using different features such as large boulders or wood can add texture and shape to your landscaping and help provide shelter or natural snow fences in your garden in the winter time. These built-up snow areas will give the plants beneath it a better chance for survival. Alternative landscaping does not have to be extravagant or expensive and can instead be natural and simple. Word of caution though when considering a shrub bed. Many people assume that removing the sod and replacing with shrubs means low maintenance. It can mean the opposite, especially if you don’t choose the correct shrubs for your yard. You could end up with a lot of shrubs that will need constant pruning to keep them at a manageable size. You can ask us about shrubs that we would recommend for your property that will require little care to keep them happy. Check out our perfect perennials page for some great perennials to grow in your garden.


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