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There seems to be a growing interest in growing fruit trees in Calgary. Years ago in the 1960’s and 70’s, it was very popular to include at least one fruit tree in your landscape. We have seen the fruit tree start to make a comeback in the past few years and more and more of our clients are asking us about what trees grow well and fruit well in Calgary.  Fruit trees can add spring color to your landscape in the form of beautiful blossoms.  They can also provide you with an abundance of fresh fruit in late summer and you can freeze or can your fruit to use throughout winter.

Here are some trees fit for Calgary’s weather.



Norland Apple – This apple bares early fruit and fruits heavier when it is younger. These are an excellent eating apple and they store well.


Prairie Sensation – Zone 3, hardy dessert apple.  Large fruit, greenwashed with an overlay of red.  New from the University of Saskatchewan.


M360– Yes this is its actual name.  Sounds like something out of Star Wars, doesn’t it? The M360 is good eating and fairly large in size. It can store for over 6 months.


Alberta Gold–  A lovely gold and yellow fruit, that looks a lot like Golden Delicious apple.  This is a local Calgary favorite and will actually grow very well in a zone 2 or 3 climate. The cream-colored fruit has red overlapping when ripe. This fruit stores and freezes very well. An excellent apple overall


Alberta Red– This good-looking apple has been around since 1960 and was rescued from extinction by Doc E at the University of Alberta. Superb eating shiny and red, like a real apple!


Pear Trees Golden spice pear– this pear does well in Calgary, fruit has a spicy taste and becomes fully ripe by mid to late September.


Early gold pear– pale yellow, smaller pears bear fruit in early September.


John Pear– Similar size tree as the above with yellow-green fruit ready to eat by late September.


Plum Trees Brook Gold plum– This plumb needs to be cross-pollinated with a Nanking cherry, Nanking’s are in abundance in Calgary. Delicious yellow plumbs arrive in late August.


Pembina plum – Bares larger 4-5cm fruit in mid to late August. Fruit is purple in color and this plum requires western sand cherry.


Evans Cherry tree- this tree can grow to 16 feet and has lovely pink flowers in the spring followed by tasty sweet cherries that are translucent. This tree is self-fertile so requires no pollination but may produce a heavier crop if another cherry is close by to pollinate. Great fruit for pies or canning.


Crabapples Dolgo Crabapple– This is an excellent eating crabapple and grows very well in Calgary. Super for pies, canning, jams, or jellies.

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