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Chinook Landscaping on City TV’s  Marc and Mandy Show

We answered questions from viewers regarding their landscaping projects in Calgary.  The Questions included :  How do I prevent water from pooling around my walkway and What is the best way to create curb appeal for my property?  Click here to view more  Chinook Landscaping and design on the Marc and Mandy show

Chinook landscaping feature on Property Brothers

Property Brothers hit home renovation TV show contracted Chinook Landscaping and Design to design and build the landscaping for one of their upcoming episodes.  Read More here.

Fruit you can grow in Calgary- Avenue Magazine

Avenue magazine interviews David Abbott about the fruit that you can grow in Calgary. David discusses some of the do’s and don’ts for fruit growing. There’s also some great information on unique fruit like Haskap berries.


Business in Calgary magazine – Curb appeal

This 5-page article discusses the importance of curb appeal and the changing trends in landscaping in Calgary. Outdoor kitchens, dealing with large spruce trees and defining borders are just some of the topics discussed. Flip to page 50 of the online magazine to view the article.


Outdoor kitchen feature in Globe and Mail Lifestyle Magazine

This is a full page article on Outdoor kitchens. Lifestyle Magazine on of Canada’s most prestigious home and garden magazine speaks to David about the increasing popularity of outdoor kitchens.


Calgary Herald- Plan Now For Spring Landscaping Projects

This is a Calgary Herald article features landscaping photos from Chinook Landscaping and design. David is also quoted in the article and talks about the importance of planning ahead for your landscaping.

CBC News.

CBC News Calgary caught up with David at one of Chinook’s landscaping projects. The discussion focused on whether an increase in requests for landscaping was a sign of economic growth in Calgary.

Check out for more great information on landscaping in Calgary.