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Not all insects are bad.

many insects are helpful to our yards and gardens and feed on other insects that are harmful to our yards. Ladybugs for example, do no harm to our gardens yet ladybugs and their larvae eat aphids which can be very harmful to fruit and vegetable plants as well as flowers. Pollinators such as bees are very beneficial to our gardens and without them we would have far less flowers to enjoy in our yards.

Earthworms are very good for our yards

Earthworms are very good for our yards, as they make their way underground they help to loosen up the soil, aerate hard packed areas and leave nutrient rich tailings behind. Wasps may be seen by many as a nuisance but they are responsible for greatly reducing the mosquito populations in Calgary.

Use pesticides sparingly

If you must spray for pests that are harmful to your gardens and grass, be sure the pesticide does not harm the good insects in your yard. There are many pests that do harm to trees in Calgary; one of these pests is the birch leaf miner. To learn more about dealing with this pest visit our birch leaf miner page.

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