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This video from the City of Calgary provides insight into planting trees and shrubs and caring for the properly. From when to add plants to your landscaping in spring to how to care for your trees and shrubs.

Keep an eye on your trees and shrubs

It is very important to keep an eye on your trees and shrubs.  Watching their subtle changes over time can indicate their health and help you take the appropriate action to prevent disease or death.  Trees and shrubs can give off subtle changes like wilting, yellowing of foliage, brown curled up leaves or dropping leaves.  All of these changes can indicate health problems for your trees or shrubs.

Deep wide planting holes make all the difference

Make sure to plant your trees and shrubs in a planting hole that is at least twice the size of the pot or plant rootball.  This is very important to the future growth of your tree or shrub.  The wider hole when filled with good soil will give your shrubs a great foundation to get its roots established.
Planting with a good garden mix is also very important.

Use a good garden mix for you planting base

Don’t just plunk you tree or shrub into some old hard silty or clay soil.  It is key to use a good quality garden mix or compost in your planting holes to give your tree or shrub a great start.  You will notice a huge difference if you plant your tree or shrub in good quality soil instead of your existing soil.  The nutrients will nourish your plant while the softer soil will allow your roots to get established easier.

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