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Dakota Paving Stone

Dakota Paving stone

Chinook landscaping is proud to introduce a beautiful new paving stone. Dakota paving stone is fast becoming one of our most popular paving stones. The contemporary yet timeless look is a real eye catcher and the durability is unmatched. Dakota paving stones is a perfect paving stone for small or large patios or walkways in your front or backyard. Incorporating Dakota paving stones into your landscape project will definitely add value to your property. The cost of this paving stone is very comparable to some of the older paving stones on the market so you get great value for your investment. Use one color of Dakota for your patio or add contrast by using a blend of different colors for borders or accents. Dakota paving stone is available in Honey brow, Milton grey, ash charcoal and many other colors.


If you would like to know more about the landscaping process and how it works click on this landscaping Calgary schedules page. Landscaping Schedules discusses the correct order to build your new landscape and it also tells you how to install many of the components.



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