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Caring for your new trees and shrubs is very important. You have made an investment in your yard and you do not want to risk losing your trees and shrubs due to lack of care.


Watering Trees and Shrubs

Water your large caliper tree every couple days during the hot summer months, you can water the tree well to overflowing each time. After a few weeks reduce watering to weekly, again watering the tree well until overflowing. If you are using an automatic watering system for your property be sure to check to make sure the tree is being watered adequately. Watering shrubs should be every second day or so depending on temperature. It is easy to spot a dry shrub as the leaves will be wilted very quickly when first planted.



Chinook Landscaping Calgary fertilizes each tree and shrub we plant so it is not necessary to fertilize your tree or shrub until a month or so after planting. After that, you can fertilize in spring and fall. Do not apply fertilizer more than 2 times throughout the year. Obviously, the larger the tree the more fertilizer is necessary. A number like 11-7-7 is best for trees and shrubs. Follow directions for amounts and avoid over fertilizing and burning roots. Pruning Each tree or shrub has different pruning requirements and need to be treated differently when it comes to pruning. Over pruning or pruning incorrectly can have a detrimental effect.


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