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Common Landscaping Mistakes

Installing landscaping in the wrong order
This is a surprisingly common mistake in Calgary. Homeowners and even some Calgary landscapers can install their landscaping components in the wrong order. Building a landscape using an ordered plan is extremely important. If you are not careful you can end up with a real mess on your property. Your yard can quickly become a clutter of landscaping materials strewn all over with no real direction noticeable. As well as the mess, there may be a real possibility that you will not be able to bring in some of your landscaping projects like large trees if you do not install things at the correct time. There are some very important steps to take when installing your landscaping; doing things in the wrong order can cost you money and time. Most of these errors could easily be avoided with a little time and research.

Landscaping without a clear vision
Not having a clear vision regarding what your landscaping should look like upon completion is a very common mistake made by Calgary homeowners and landscapers.  When working without a landscaping design, the vision you have compared to your landscapers can be very different.  We do not use landscape designs for about half of our landscape installations but we always make sure the customers vision is the same as ours so there are no surprises.  One way we do this is to spray out all of the landscaping components on the ground such as garden bed borders, patios and walkways, etc.  We walk through every project with our clients to make sure we are on the same page as them.  There is nothing worse than paying thousands for your landscaping only to have it turn out much different than you envisioned.

Installing landscaping in Calgary before the sub surface has settled
Settling around your foundation occurs on new homes for about a year after your home is built. The originally hard ground was disturbed when you foundation was installed; now the ground is soft. If you build your landscaping on top of this unsteady ground your landscaping is likely to sink. Wait a while, or speed up the settling process by thoroughly soaking the area around your foundation, and as far out as 10 feet. Don’t rush your landscaping or you may end up wasting a lot of money installing your landscaping twice.

Paying deposits to landscaping companies
We highly recommend you do not pay a deposit to a landscaping company in Calgary. Reputable Calgary landscapers will not ask for deposits, but instead may request progress payments as the work progresses. Paying out deposits is a risk that may have you waiting long past the agreed installation date for your landscaping to begin. It could be a very long summer. Landscaping companies in Alberta are not legally allowed to accept deposits unless they first have a bond, for security. Have a look at our Peace of Mind Checklist for more.

Using too much sand for paving stones
This is a common mistake for DIY or landscapers in Calgary who are new at installing paving stones. Never use over and inch of sand as a levelling base above your crushed gravel. Too much sand will cause the pavers to shift over time and destroy your walkway or patio. Laying paving stones can be a lot of work so prepare the base properly. A fine skiff of sand is best, to use only for helping you grade before adding pavers. Make sure you use a reputable landscaping company in Calgary to install your paving stones or do some research on paving stone installation if you are going to do it yourself.

Not excavating enough before installing walkways and patios
Many homeowners and inexperienced landscapers choose to cut corners by excavating less than they should before installing a compacted gravel base and their paving stones.  It is very important to remove all soil until you have reached clay and then install your gravel base.  If you do not excavate to clay, it is likely you will end up with frost heaves and an uneven patio or walkway.


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