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Patios and walkways are one of the most popular landscape construction requests we get from our Calgary landscaping clients.  There are many options for patios and walkways from paving stones, natural stone, exposed aggregate and stamped concrete. When it comes to cost paving stones are the most costly to install and this cost is mainly due to labour.  Any poured patio or walkway surface, such as concrete or stamped,  will be less expensive because the labor costs less.  The main difference between paving stones and poured concrete like exposed aggregate or stamped concrete is that poured concrete can crack.  Calgary has wild temperature changes especially in the winter time and the large fluctuations in temperature can cause frost heaving and cracking.  Paving stones are not susceptible to cracking but they can heave especially if they are not installed properly.  However, paving stone heaving can be easily repaired whereas concrete cracking cannot.  Paving stones are the most popular material we use for patio and walkway installations.  They have a beautiful, timeless look and unlike several years ago, there are now many many paving stone styles and colours to choose from.

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