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03 Mar 2020

Chinook Landscaping Best of Homestars 2020

Chinook landscaping is proud to announce they are the recipient of the Best of Homestars 2020 award!  Homestars is a business listing website that helps customers choose ethical and professional contractors throughout Canada.  There are many landscaping Calgary awards but Homestars is one of the most meaningful to us.

Winning The Best of Homestars Award is a big deal

Homestars is not just another business listing site.  They are one of the few review sites who go to great lengths to verify their reviews.  Verifying reviews is very important in this age of social media.  You can find reviews on companies everywhere these days but are they authentic?  Authentic reviews can be hard to come by and businesses can get very creative when it comes to obtaining and posting reviews.  Homestars is very unique as they have implemented strict guidelines for anyone who chooses to leave a review for a business.  Homestars verifies business reviews by contacting the reviewer and asking for important information and even proof of invoices paid to the reviewed company.  So you know, homestars is a trusted place on the web where you can find Professional and ethical landscaping companies.

Good old fashioned honesty and hard work gets noticed

Chinook Landscaping is proud to have served Calgary for well over a decade.  In that time we have worked very hard to earn an excellent reputation for quality workmanship, honesty and ethical business practices.  Our ethics are demonstrated by never demanding deposits or progress payments, never increasing invoices beyond the estimated prices and always following through with our commitments to our customers.  We show up on time and we work very hard to complete our projects within the deadline we committed to.  Our customers return again and again to ask us to do more work for them.  A large amount of our annual work is due to repeat customers or referrals from customers that have worked with our company in the past.  All of our staff are well trained in landscaping practices and many of them have been with Chinook landscaping Calgary for several years. We sincerely enjoy working in the landscaping business and love to put smiles on each and everyone of our customers faces.  Chinook Landscaping Best of Homestars 2020 award was earned through good old fashioned honesty and hard work.

Thank you to all of our loyal clients who left us so many great reviews on Homestars!

07 Apr 2019

Landscapers and BBB accreditation is more important than ever

There was a time when the Better Business Bureau or the BBB is it is commonly called, was the main source consumers went to in order to find trustworthy businesses in Calgary.  In this technology driven age, Landscapers and BBB Accreditation is more important than ever. The internet is full of websites, review sites and business listing sites. So, it can be very difficult to identify real and trustworthy landscaping companies.

A new review site seems to pop up everyday

There seems to be a new review site popping up everyday.  Some of the most common are Google, Yelp, Houzz, and Homestars.  There are also numerous other review sites that target homeowners.  Many of these business listing websites do not have the technology or the staff to property identify real reviews and fake reviews. Landscapers and other businesses can say whatever they want about their business and nobody can challenge them. This is why Landscapers and BBB accreditation is more important than ever.   Some areas companies can be misleading on are How long they have been in business, what memberships they have, are the pictures on their website actually their work.  There are so many companies out there using photos of landscaping that were just copy and pasted off the internet.  The Better Business Bureau actually vets business and thoroughly checks out their websites.  They identity how long the company has been in business, whether they are making false claims or claiming another companies landscaping work is their own.  A company cannot become BBB accredited if it does not meet these standards.  Another great thing about the Better Business Bureau is it is staffed by real people.  You can still call them directly to voice concerns with any contractor.  They will contact the contractor and verify the complaint.  You can visit the BBB online and research businesses to find out if they are accredited.  You can also view how long they have been in business, the owners names and whether they have has issues with customers or customer complaints if any kind. Landscapers and BBB accreditation is more important than ever if you are wanting to know the real facts about landscaping companies in Calgary.

Chinook Landscaping and Design is a long time BBB accredited member

Chinook Landscaping and design  has been a member of the BBB in Calgary since 2011.  We were proud to be awarded the Business Ethics Award for 2012, 2013, 2014.  Beginning in 2015 the BBB stopped the Torch Awards so we are very honoured to have received this award in the final years it was presented.  We have continued to win many landscaping Calgary awards since 2014 including the Consumers choice award, Calgary Herald Readers Choice Award and many others.  We were one of the first landscaping contractors in Calgary not to ask for deposits or progress payments.  We feel that this gives our customers peace of mind and is an ethical way to do business.  We have maintained an A+ rating with the BBB since becoming a member in 2011.  In that time we have never had any complaints from Calgary homeowners.

Landscapers and BBB accreditation is more important than ever so make sure to check out the BBB to find out more about any contractor you are thinking of hiring.

05 Mar 2019

Chinook Landscaping awarded Best Landscaping Company by Build Magazine

Chinook Landscaping and Design is proud to announce they have been award Best Landscaping Company In Calgary by Build Magazine.  Chinook Landscaping works very hard to make sure all of their clients are completely satisfied with their landscaping.  It is a great honour to be recognized by the industry for this prestigious award. Have a look at other rewards Chinook Landscaping has won.  Landscaping Calgary Awards

30 Apr 2018

Landscaping Calgary Awards

Chinook Landscaping is proud to have been chosen the best landscaping contractor in Southern Alberta.  The landscaping Calgary award was given to us by Consumers Choice for the 3rd year in a row.  The award means a great deal to our staff at Chinook Landscaping and it shows our commitment to customer service.  Our Motto is ” Built on Trust” because we have always been dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible.  From the very start Chinook Landscaping and Design has never requested deposits or progress payments from our customers.  This demonstrates a great deal of confidence in our work and it puts our customers at ease knowing they will not have to be concerned with paying anything for their landscaping until we have completed their project and they are 100% happy with the outcome.  Our objective is to always put our customers first by using the best products available, implementing quality workmanship and providing unbeatable service.  Our commitment to service does not end after the jobs complete.  We follow up with our warranties by replacing plantings that may have died, or repairing and resolving any issues that may occur after the work is done.  You can count on Chinook Landscaping and Design to always be there for you.  From start to finish and beyond!  Click here to read more about our landscaping Calgary awards