We all grow tired of shovelling snow during our long Calgary winter season but your trees and shrubs are happy as can be under all that white stuff!. Lots of snow can be hard on your back but its great for trees and shrubs.

Some think snow is bad for plants

Clients often ask us if a heavy snowfall with be detrimental to their plantings. Calgary is famous for its warm chinook winds that blow in throughout the winter months. Temperatures can change by 20c in a matter of hours. This constant warming and thawing followed by freezing can be very hard on trees, shrubs and perennials. It can expose them to root damage if there is not enough snow fall. This is why a heavy snowfall and thick layer of snow over your plantings is a very positive thing and vital to your plant health.

A blanket of snow is a blessing for your shrubs and perennials

The more snow the better the protection will be to your plants. If you are running out of places to pile your snow then you could choose to pile it on top of your plantings to give them some help during the winter months.

Shrubs don’t like lots of salt

If the snow you are removing is mixed with salt then it is best to avoid putting it on top of plantings. The salt can damage the plants come spring time when the snow melts. If you have several feet of snow on top of your plantings then it would be helpful to move some of it once the very cold weather is over and spring is getting close. Leaving a foot or so on top your plants will ensure they are protected in case there is a last minute big freeze.