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14 Feb 2019

Lots of snow is hard on the back but great for trees and shrubs!

We all grow tired of shovelling snow during our long Calgary winter season but your trees and shrubs are happy as can be under all that white stuff!. Lots of snow can be hard on your back but its great for trees and shrubs.

Some think snow is bad for plants

Clients often ask us if a heavy snowfall with be detrimental to their plantings. Calgary is famous for its warm chinook winds that blow in throughout the winter months. Temperatures can change by 20c in a matter of hours. This constant warming and thawing followed by freezing can be very hard on trees, shrubs and perennials. It can expose them to root damage if there is not enough snow fall. This is why a heavy snowfall and thick layer of snow over your plantings is a very positive thing and vital to your plant health.

A blanket of snow is a blessing for your shrubs and perennials

The more snow the better the protection will be to your plants. If you are running out of places to pile your snow then you could choose to pile it on top of your plantings to give them some help during the winter months.

Shrubs don’t like lots of salt

If the snow you are removing is mixed with salt then it is best to avoid putting it on top of plantings. The salt can damage the plants come spring time when the snow melts. If you have several feet of snow on top of your plantings then it would be helpful to move some of it once the very cold weather is over and spring is getting close. Leaving a foot or so on top your plants will ensure they are protected in case there is a last minute big freeze.

12 Feb 2019

Yardsmart and the Calgary horticultural Society.

We wanted to let you know more about Yardsmart and the Calgary Horticultural society.  The Calgary Horticultural Society is a place where horticulturists, amateur gardeners and anyone who is interested in gardening can meet to learn more about landscaping and gardening.  They have weekly meetings, workshops, how to seminars on everything to do with horticulture and plants.  Not only are they a great resource for homeowners interested in gardening but they are also a great place to network and meet other people who have similar interests.  You can learn about planting trees and shrubs, ,   Plantings and lawn care and many more aspects of gardening in Calgary.

Yardsmart and the Calgary Horticultural Society promotes organic gardening and water wise landscaping.

Organic gardening and gardening without the use of pesticides is becoming more and more popular in Calgary and across North America.  Yardsmart and the Calgary Horticultural Society promote organic gardening and water wise landscaping.  They offer tips on growing your own vegetables, organic composts that you can make yourself and great ideas for producing large yields from your organic garden. Yardsmart and the Calgary Horticultural Society also focus on water conservation and some creative ways to minimize water use for your garden and landscaping including the use of underground sprinklers and rain barrels. You will also learn how to avoid common landscaping mistakes

To learn more about Yardsmart and the Calgary Horticultural Society visit The Calgary Horticultural Society website

07 Jan 2019

Chinook Landscaping wins 2019 Consumers Choice Award!

For the fourth year in a row Chinook Landscaping has won the Consumers Choice Award. In this new Alberta economy we have worked harder than ever to work with our customers and bring them excellent value while maintaining a high standard of quality workmanship. All of the staff at Chinook Landscaping would like to thank our loyal customers for their repeated business year after year.  And thank you for voting us the #1 landscaper in Southern Alberta again this year.  We look forward to serving our existing customers and new customers in 2019.  Check out some of the other awards we have won here.  Landscaping Calgary Awards

19 Nov 2018

Spring 2019 – Landscaping Estimate

We are now inviting clients to get on our spring estimate contact list.  Be at the top of the list for your free estimate and consultation by filling out our Spring 2019 Estimate Request Form    We will contact you in mid February -early March of 2019 to arrange for your landscaping estimate.

Your free landscaping estimate and consultation will include:

An on-site walkthrough of your property.
Recommendations as to whether your project would benefit from a landscape design    
Introduction to our landscape designer if necessary.
Explanation of our services
Discussion about various landscaping components that would work best for your property.
Free detailed estimate.

Click here to complete your Spring 2019 Estimate Request Form

03 Nov 2018

Chinook Landscaping and Property Brothers

HGTV’s hit television renovation show Property Brothers chose Chinook Landscaping and Design over hundreds of landscaping companies in Calgary to design and install a new landscape for an upcoming episode. Working with Jonathon and Drew of the Property Brothers was a lot of fun and a great experience for all our staff.  We can’t show you any photos until the show has aired but check out HGTV for news on Calgary episodes coming soon.

See the TV episode here:  Property Brothers 

Oakridge Property was the site for the home renovation project

The property is located in the community of Oakridge and the lucky homeowner was thrilled to have Property brothers and Chinook Landscaping completely transform the exterior and interior of her home.  We completely redesigned her front yard.  Oakridge is an older community located in SW Calgary.

Lots of tree and shrub removal to start with

The front yard landscaping was a real mess when we started as it had not been landscaped for many, many years.  We needed to do a lot of tree and shrub removal and garden bed clean up to get things underway.  The haul out for the project was enormous and left as with a clean slate to work with.

Landscaping components we used in this makeover

We installed a new creative curves paving stone walkway utilizing Techo bloc Blu paving stones from Burnco Landscape with matching mowing pavers as borders around the garden beds. A large Autumn Blaze Maple tree was installed in the centre of the yard and we planted numerous shrubs in the garden beds then added a mix of 20mm rundle rock and black mulch. To warm up the landscape we installed a cedar privacy screen at the side of the yard.  The privacy screen also created a subtle divider between the two properties.

Watch for Chinook Landscaping and Property Brothers coming soon!

24 Oct 2018

Define your borders!

Defining your borders is the key to great looking landscaping.  There is nothing that helps you create a great looking landscape more than defining the borders of your garden beds and tree wells.  You can use various border materials to define your borders such as stone mow pavers, Vinyl edging, aluminum edging, clean line edging, natural edging, raised or natural stone, concrete curbing.  Define your borders with creative curves or straight lines depending on your preference. Not only do defined borders give you a great looking landscape but they also help with maintenance of your yard by helping to keep grass from growing into your garden beds or mulch or decorative stone spilling on to your lawn.  If you are on a budget then you could choose to simply edge out a defined border around your tree wells or garden beds.  This will need to be done one time per season at a minimum.  A more permanent border like edging or mowing pavers will eliminate the need for hand edging giving you a lower maintenance landscape.

04 Sep 2018

Fall is a great time for landscaping in Calgary

Fall is a great time for Landscaping in Calgary!  Did you know that trees, shrubs and sod do much better when planted in the cooler fall months than they do when planted during our hot summers? Trees, shrubs and sod start to go dormant in fall and therefore they are far less likely to go into shock when they are planted.  Summer is in the middle of their peak growing season so it is very hard on plantings and sod, especially with our hot, dry summers.  The cooler fall weather combined with the plant dormancy cycle means you can don’t have to worry about planting trees or shrubs or laying sod.  Chinook Landscaping and Design typically installs plantings, paving stones, retaining walls and all other landscape components right up to and beyond Halloween.   Visit our website at  for more or Call us at 403-452-8552 for your no cost estimate.

16 Aug 2018

Artificial turf or real grass for your landscaping

07 Jul 2018

Sod or seed for new lawns?

Many of our customers ask us what is the best way to establish a new lawn.  Do you use new sod or simply seed over loam?  The fastest way to a new lawn is definitely by sodding over fresh loam.  Sod is instant green and takes far less maintenance than seed.  Seeding a new lawn can be very tedious and the seed requires a lot of water at regular intervals throughout the day.  If the seed is allowed to dry out it will not germinate.  The one advantage to seeding a lawn is cost.  Seeding is much less costly than sodding.  Like seed, sod requires regular watering but it will not die out as quickly as seed will.  If you have the budget for sod then sodding your new lawn is the way to go.   Regardless of whether you use seed or sod for your lawn you should always make sure to have a good layer of quality screened loam on your property.  Rolling and grading the loam is also important so you are left with a smooth level surface.  Always remember to create a positive slope away from your property to allow for good drainage.  Chinook Landscaping and Design.

See our estimates page to book your free sod estimate.  Or call us at 403-452-8552

22 Jun 2018

Chinook Landscaping awarded Consumers choice for 3rd year.

Chinook Landscaping and Design was recently awarded the Consumers Choice Award for the third year in a row.  Since 2015 Consumers Choice has won the distinct award of being the top Landscaping company in Southern Alberta.  We work very hard to make sure our customers are happy and we are proud to have our hard work recognized in the industry.  Built on Trust, Chinook Landscaping and Design always puts our customers first!